2019 Finland Brown Bear Photography Tour Dates


Hello everyone, after months of planning the BearPhoto team are pleased to announce a full list of trip dates for 2019 have now been released, covering nearly every month that the Brown Bears are active. Below we briefly summarise each tour, including predator activity, the surrounding landscape during this time of year and what to expect in terms of temperature, light and shooting conditions.

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Spring Awakening: April 24th – 30th 2019
As winter slowly loosens its grip, the giants of the forest are emerging from their winter hibernation, and are determined to feed amongst the snow-blanketed landscape. We try to coincide this trip with the emergence of the very first bears, with the larger males being the first to emerge. With a mosaic of brown tones to their fur, contrasted against the fairytale-like winter landscapes, dedicated photographers can be rewarded with excellent photographic potential when conditions are favourable.
April Highlights: Brown Bear, Wolverine, Black Woodpecker, Greater-Spotted Woodpecker, Red Squirrel.

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Brown bear photography tour Finland.jpg

The Spring Rut: May 22nd - 28th 2019

As the snow begins to retreat and temperatures rise, a subtle mute coloured landscape is revealed beneath. The surrounding lakes produce superb mirror-like reflections on calmer evenings. May is an incredible time of year, as both the apex predators and birds return to the region to breed. Spring is kicking off, and the most interesting bear behaviours are seen during this month of the year.

May Highlights: Brown Bear (male, female and cubs), Wolverine, Wolf, Bullfinch, Red-Throated Diver.

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Land Of The Midnight Sun: June 13th – 19th   &   June 20th – 26th 2019

Experience the magical Scandinavian midsummer, with close to 24 hours of daylight, participants can expect extended unique photographic opportunities in peak bear season. Finnish summertime signals the arrival of long daylight hours, bringing magical light and crisp green vegetation across the boreal regions. Bear activity is high during this time of year, and beautiful summer light allows a range of unique images. Warm days and cool nights bring with them ghostly mist, which slowly forms above the swamps.

June Highlights: Brown Bear, Wolverine, Red-Throated Diver, Woodpecker, Red Squirrel.

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Finnish High Summer: August 22nd – 28th 2019

In late summer, the Bears are feasting in preparation for the fast-approaching winter, and it is now that Bear activity reaches its peak. The surrounding landscape is a jostling ground for the large males, as well as smaller males and females frequenting the area. The bears are in their prime and look absolutely stunning in their thick pre-winters coat. The transitional colours of the surrounding landscape, as summer turns to autumn, are the perfect backdrop to photograph these impressive apex predators within.

August Highlights: Brown Bear, Wolverine, Red Squirrel.

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Autumn Gold: September 12th - 18th 2019

In mid to late September, the surrounding landscape is now awash with vibrant colour, decorated in its vivid Autumn ensemble. The last bears of the season are preparing for their hibernation, and many individuals may be present. Mid to late Autumn is the prime season to observe bear cubs, which venture into the area alongside their mothers in search of food. The bears are in prime condition at this time of year, with pristine thick coats. The quickly shortening daylight hours in late summer and early autumn produce wonderful light, and on clear, dark autumn evenings, mist can form above the swamps followed by harsh morning frost.

September Highlights: Brown Bear (Cubs), Wolverine, Aurora Borealis, Crested Tit, Red Squirrel.

If you have any questions about any of the BearPhoto trips, or would like to request further trip itineraries please do contact us.

Kyle Moore