How To Book

BearPhoto offers three payment options, providing an option for everyone, making the booking process as easy as possible. All payments can be securely paid either via our online payment system (accessed via your chosen tour page by clicking ‘book now’), or via bank transfer/cheques. Upon proceeding with booking any BearPhoto tour please be sure to read the full trip itinerary, T&C’s and all general information. If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the team.

1. Full payment: This option allows you to pay for the tour in full, meaning after booking/payment your place is reserved and you will have no further payments scheduled to pay BearPhoto.

2. Deposit payment: If you prefer a payment in two parts, you can first pay a deposit to secure your booking. The remaining balance must be paid no later than two months (60 days) before the trip start date. If you wish to use the two-part payment option, select the "deposit" option on the secure payment page, accessed through the offical tour listing.

3. Direct booking: BearPhoto can also accept payments made by cheque or through a direct bank transfer. If you wish to pay with either of these two options, please contact us with details and then a member the BearPhoto team will respond with further details.

Financial Protection

BearPhoto complies with all legal regulations required to offer wildlife tour packages, operating under the ‘travel package regulations 1992’. All payments made to BearPhoto are held in a trust account, meaning we are unable to access any funds until we deliver the services we have promised, and you have returned home satisfied. This gives our clients a 100% financial guarantee and peace of mind. If you would like any further details on this matter, please do not hesitate to contact the BearPhoto team.

Cancellations & Refunds

If the cancellation occurs prior to 30 days before your trip start date, BearPhoto will refund your payment, excluding the booking deposit (£350). As stated in our terms and conditions, the tour deposit is non-refundable and no refunds will be given upon cancellations. It is, for this reason, we strongly recommend you purchase adequate travel insurance. Booking is only considered valid when the trip is paid (in whole or in part).

Travel Insurance

As stated in our terms and conditions, BearPhoto cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage and theft to personal items. We also cannot be held responsible for any personal injuries, illnesses or death. It is for this reason that we strongly advise you secure your own adequate travel insurance before travelling with BearPhoto. We advise that this insurance covers against cancellations and curtailment, medical and emergency expenses (including repatriation), personal accidents, injury and death. In addition, you should be insured against loss or damage to baggage, personal possessions and flight cancellations/delays.

Please note, such Insurance cover can be purchased extremely cheaply from reputable firms. The BearPhoto team are more than happy to provide further help and advice on this topic if needed.

Travel Arrangements

Flights are not included in our price. However, all BearPhoto tours include airport transfers, which without would result in large additional expenses and so it is for this reason we require all participants to arrive at the final airport (Kajaani) for a specifically selected time. Following a booking, the BearPhoto team will advise you on exactly which are the best flight(s) to book to get you to our destination at the right time.

We recommend that all flights to our Finnish location are booked directly via Finnair, who offer the smoothest transfer between the first international flight, and the second domestic flight. Finnair flights can be booked cheaply, and range between £200 - £350 (return) depending on how soon the flights are purchased. We recommend booking directly through the official Finnair website for full financial protection.

Terms And Conditions

Upon proceeding with booking any BearPhoto tour please be sure to read the full trip itinerary, T&C’s and all general information. Our official T&C's can be viewed/downloaded by simply clicking the tab below.

If you have any further booking inquiries please do not hesitate to contact the BearPhoto team by clicking below.