The BearPhoto team are the most experienced photographic and wildlife guides at our chosen destinations, giving them an unparalleled insight into both the animals and all relevent logistics. You can be assured that you are in safe and capable hands when travelling with BearPhoto. Our guides are all passionate and successful photographers who have extensive experience in both guiding and teaching the art of wildlife photography.

The close partnership we have formed with our destination (Wild Brown Bear Ltd), means we are committed and able to continually develop fresh ideas and unique photographic opportunities at this location. The site has become a second home for our guides, who regularly spend months on location, developing a comprehensive knowledge of the individual predators that visit, as well as how seasonal changes in light effect the surrounding landscape.


Kyle Moore

Kyle Moore (co-founder & Guide)

Kyle Moore is a wildlife photographer from the UK, whose passion for both wildlife and photography was ignited at a young age. Having quickly built up an impressive portfolio of wildlife images, Kyle's talent was soon recognised through some of the most prestigious wildlife photography competitions in the industry, which included a category win in the British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) and being named overall winner of the RSPCA Young Photographer Awards, at the age of 18, both leading to live televised interviews on UK national news. Kyle specialises in predatory mammal species, bears and foxes being personal favourites, and will often spend countless months on location immersing himself in the landscape, all in the aim of capturing the essence of his chosen species. Kyle is currently represented by some of the world's leading photographic stock agencies, where his images are published worldwide.


Harry Read (co-founder & Guide)

Harry Read is a nature photographer and qualified Zoologist based in South-East England. It was Harry’s childhood obsession with the outdoors and wildlife that lead him to follow a career in nature photography. Harry spends the winter months working as a professional photographic guide 250km North of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. During the remaining seasons, Harry focuses on photographing specific species of birds and mammals, using unique and original techniques, often spending large amounts of time following a single species. Harry’s wildlife images have been recognised in competitions such as the Mammal Photographer of the Year and the British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) as well as being published in a number of leading UK magazines and papers.


Magnus Fredriksson (Guide)

Magnus Fredriksson has been arranging photo tours in Eastern Finland for bear photography since 2013 through his Sweden-based company “Predator Land” (Rovdjursland Fotoresor). He has extensive experience working at the Wild Brown Bear Centre and hide area as a guide, lecturer and has been involved with developing the hides for photography. On the basis of the number of tours arranged and the number of guests guided over the past 5 years, he may be considered to be the most experienced photo guide and tour organiser in this area. He is a biologist with a PhD in physiology and has many years of experience working as a scientist at universities and in the coordination of large European research projects. He has gained extensive experience as an organiser, teacher and lecturer. In 2013 he changed the focus in his life to become fully dedicated to wildlife photography and to develop tours on bear photography in Eastern Finland.


Andrew Parkinson (Guide)

Andy is a feature contributor to National Geographic magazine and a multi-award winning wildlife photographer. His images have been awarded three times in Wildlife Photographer of the Year, three times in the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year and in 2016, as well as winning two categories he was also named as the overall winner and Bird Photographer of the Year 2016. He is also the most successful photographer in the history of the British Wildlife Photography Awards with over 30 awarded images and four category wins. In 2012 he was named the Nature Photojournalist of the Year with a portfolio of 12 images captured whilst working on assignment for National Geographic and in 2017 he was also a category winner and runner-up in Nature Photographer of the Year. He is also becoming known as much for his writing as he is for his images and among others he writes regularly on wildlife/environmental/ethical issues for his regular Opinion piece in Outdoor Photography magazine


Kevin Morgans (Guide)

Kevin is a multi-award winning wildlife photographer with a passion for bears. Widely published and with an impressive social media following. Kevin was this year’s category runner up in Nature photographer of the year and awarded the front cover of the prestigious British Wildlife Photography Awards collection in 2018, with his Mountain Hare image. He has also had multiple awarded images in International photography competitions such as the Natures Images Awards and Environmental Photographer of the Year.