Our Philosophy

At BearPhoto we love sharing unforgettable photo experiences with fellow photographers, whilst creating a relaxed and fun feel to our tours. At the heart of every BearPhoto tour, our mission is to provide photographers with an enjoyable and informative experience, allowing you to secure images that you are genuinely pleased with. When planning every tour, we ensure that our guides have comprehensive experience and local knowledge.

The team behind BearPhoto are relentlessly passionate about their subjects and the natural world, and have decades of experience working with wildlife in both scientific research backgrounds (Biology and Zoology) and in the field. Conservation is close to our hearts, and so therefore BearPhoto tours are planned with conservation and ethics as the number one priority. Our Finnish Brown bear photography trips are run in partnership with Wild Brown Bear Ltd - established for well over a decade, their ethical and conservation-minded approach is invaluable to local predator populations. The area in which we work was registered as an official conservation site with the Finnish government in 2016. All forms of hunting are strictly prohibited, safeguarding this area for predators to use in the future.

A Wild Experience

An important focus on a BearPhoto trip is to allow participants a unique insight into the hidden lives of the bears in this special area of wilderness. After thousands of hours spent observing these impressive beasts, we have learned a number of things about many different bears and their unique features. Our guides will help you to build on field identification skills of the mammals, birds and plants in the areas we work, and learn to recognise the individual bears present in the area.

Photo experience: Excellent photographic opportunities, in undisturbed natural environments, beautiful and varied. This is what BearPhoto and Wild Brown Bear aim to offer!

Why BearPhoto?

  • We are the official UK representative of Wild Brown Bear Ltd, sharing a close-knit partnership, allowing us to develop exclusive photographic opportunities for BearPhoto participants only.
  • Our Finnish location boasts some of the most pristine European wilderness, where elusive apex predators (Bear, Wolverine and Wolf) can be seen together.
  • Our photo tours are fully inclusive of accommodation, airport transfers, meals and tuition - there will never be additional costs on our tours.
  • All BearPhoto trips are run with more than one guide, meaning more one-to-one tuition and guiding in a more intimate setting.
  • We are the most experienced photographic guides at our Finland location with valuable local knowledge.
  • Our energy and enthusiasm create a fun and productive trip atmosphere for all involved. 
  • We are dedicated to getting the absolute most out of our tours for you, providing an unforgettable experience.
  • BearPhoto is fully compliant with Package Travel Regulations.