Trip Overview:


Late summer in Finland offers participants an incredibly unique and diverse photographic experience with many opportunities. In late summer, the Bears are feasting in preparation for the fast approaching winter, and it is now that Bear activity reaches its peak. The surrounding landscape is a jostling ground for the large males, as well as smaller males and females frequenting the area. The bears are in their prime and look absolutely stunning in their thick pre-winters coat. The transitional colours of the surrounding landscape, as summer turns to autumn, are the perfect backdrop to photograph these impressive apex predators within. The combination of the abundant predators and the luscious vegetation of the Boreal forest means there is a wealth of potential to capture some stunning imagery. The swamp is also a favourite feeding area for the elusive Wolverine, which is seen regularly from the hides. Daytime species include red squirrel, which is seen regularly as they prepare for the fast approaching winter. An assortment of woodland birds including Crested Tit, Greater Spotted Woodpecker and Bullfinch are also regularly present, offering additional photographic potential.




Cost includes:

✅ 5 nights in professional bear photography hides

✅ 6 days accommodation

✅ All meals (breakfast, dinner and packed lunch for the hide)

✅ Expert photographic guiding and tutoring/advice

✅ Bear lectures, processing tips and image reviews in auditorium

✅ Transfers to/from Kajaani airport

Cost excludes:

❌ Airline Flights

❌ Travel insurance

❌ Additional personal items


Why Choose Us:

  • We are the official UK representative of Wild Brown Bear Ltd, sharing a close-knit partnership, allowing us to develop exclusive photographic opportunities for tour participants only.

  • We are the most experienced photographic guides at this location with valuable local knowledge.

  • Our energy and enthusiasm create a fun and productive trip atmosphere for all involved.

  • We know exactly which hide to position you in to capture your desired images.

  • Two guides mean more one-to-one tuition and guiding in a more intimate setting.

  • We are dedicated to getting the absolute most out of our tours for you, providing an unforgettable experience.

  • Our location boasts some the most unique and pristine Finnish wilderness situated next to the Russian border, where elusive apex predators (Bear, Wolverine and Wolf) can be seen together.



Our base for this trip is a rustic wildlife lodge located in the picturesque surroundings of the Boreal forest in August. This is one of the best locations in Finland to observe and photograph Brown Bear and Wolverine in their natural habitat. This package includes five nights in professional bear photography hides, custom built and carefully positioned, with photographers in mind. We offer you a choice of 25 different professional hides, all with a different view of the surrounding wilderness. A number of hides have been installed with state of the art low angle shooting windows, allowing an optional fresh and intimate perspective with images. You will have the chance to photograph the predators among three different distinctive Boreal habitats, including forest, swamp and lake. The wild landscape is totally unique to this site and will allow you to photograph predators in a number of ways. From magical mists and reflections possible at the lake hides, to pristine swamp landscapes and ancient forests. We are fortunate to work in this location during this impressive time of year for bear activity, allowing you the opportunity build a unique portfolio of images.


Finland- Map 2017 copy.png

Day 1: We will arrive on an afternoon flight at Kajaani airport via Helsinki, where you will be met by the BearPhoto guides. A 2-hour transfer will follow, taking us to the Wild Brown Bear lodge where we will be based for the duration of the tour. Dinner is prepared for our arrival. After dinner, we will meet in the auditorium where the BearPhoto guides will deliver a short presentation detailing the week ahead. Our first night will be spent resting in our accommodation, after a day of traveling.

Day 2-6: Breakfast will be served early on, followed by a period of free time to spend as you wish. BearPhoto guides will prepare optional daytime photographic opportunities including forest birds and red squirrels. Feel free to explore the surrounding area, during the day as you wish. Before dinner, participants are welcome to attend our informative photo lectures. Dinner will be provided shortly after this around 3.30pm. before your guides will lead you to your chosen hides for the night at 4.30pm. A packed lunch, flasks (tea/coffee) and bottled water will be provided for each individual whilst in the hide. Following a short walk, upon entering the hides it is simply a case of setting up, getting comfortable and waiting for the first Bears and Wolverine to appear. Each hide is equipped with beds and a basic toilet facility. The following morning you will be escorted from your hides by the BearPhoto guides at 7.30am, followed by the short walk back to base camp where breakfast will be waiting. The following days and hide nights will all run in a similar pattern.

Day 7: This is the final day of the trip, and upon leaving the hides at 7.30am. you will be guided back to basecamp one final time for breakfast. We will have just enough time for a shower and any last minute packing that may be required before our minibus arrives to transfer us back to Kajaani airport for our flights home.