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Welcome to BearPhoto

We are a wildlife travel and photographic tour company specialising in bear photography, travelling to some of the most untouched environments on Earth in pursuit of this apex predator. With a particular focus on Northern European regions, we work in exclusive partnership with a leading Finnish bear observation company. We are able to provide participants with an exceptionally high standard of trips, whilst maintaining excellent value for money.




As winter slowly loosens its grip, the Finnish Boreal forests begin to awaken once again. With their pristine winter coats, the giants of the forest are determined to feed in the snow-covered landscape.


Summertime signals the presence of long daylight hours, producing ethereal mist and magical light. It is during this season that the ghosts of the forest appear most at home among the beautiful northern swamps, scattered with delicate cotton grass.


The Boreal landscape changes from the crisp greens of summer to a mosaic of warmer, more vibrant autumnal colours. The Boreal landscape is a jostling ground for bears, as they gather to build vital fat reserves before their long hibernation begins in October.


Spring Awakening

Join the BearPhoto team in April 2020 on a unique expedition into the Boreal wilderness during Finnish springtime on our Finland Brown Bear photography tour ‘Spring Awakening’.

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Land Of The Midnight Sun

Join the BearPhoto team in June 2020 on our Brown Bear photography tour ‘Land Of The Midnight Sun’. Experience the magical Scandinavian midsummer, with close to 24 hours of daylight, as we stake out Europe’s greatest predators


Autumn Gold

Join the BearPhoto team in September 2020 for a truly wild and unforgettable photo experience. The Boreal landscape is now awash with golden autumnal colours, and the predators are feasting in preparation for the approaching winter's hibernation.

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Bear Watching Holidays


Let us create your own bespoke BearPhoto holiday, by customising an existing tour or creating something entirely bespoke. Find out more about the bespoke service we provide by clicking the tab below to speak with one of our experts.

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